Home Theater

We have all heard of home theater in the media, at our friends or in the electronics shops and it is now time to find out exactly what is it all about, piece by piece. It is quite difficult to give an exact explanation to this term, but generally speaking, is is a system that brings the experience you live in a cinema to your living room. It is the next step from the common television that you used to have and did not provide the right feeling when watching a movie full of special effects. But it is not only about the image, it is about the sound too. When you go to see the latest blockbuster from Hollywood at the cinema, you know that besides watching the movie on the huge screen, you will also be thrilled by the surround sound that comes from everywhere and makes you feel part of the action. You can have all these in your living room for yourself with a home theater.

A regular home theater system has a few basic elements that compose it. First, you need you need the player, or the input, that can be a DVD player, a Blu-Ray player or a gaming console. It is usually connected to a receiver that processes the signal and transmits it to the output, consisting of the speakers and the LCD, plasma screen or a projector.

It isn't complicated at all, and as technology evolved, it became affordable for most of us, bringing extreme sensations to our living rooms meant to make our lives better.