Toshiba 42HP66 plasma television

The fierce battle on the market of plasma televisions continues as all of the producers have launched models that cover the whole price range, from high end screens that cost thousands of dollars to low end models that usually make the profit of every company because they are sold in large numbers.

The 42HP66 model is a plasma television that comes with a 42'' diagonal and is capable of rendering images at a resolution of 1024x768. It comes with non-detachable speakers and a stand and also numerous connectors that ease your life when trying to plug it to other devices. Being a low cost model, it is assembled in Thailand, using not quite the best components Toshiba has. The first thing you will notice when taking it out of the box is the “ghosting”, but don't worry as they all have this problem and it has only temporary effect. The image is not perfect and this is probably caused by the low resolution. In addition, the colors are a bit disappointing, not being able to match the levels reached by the rival products. The 42HP66 doesn't do very well when it comes to black either, but it isn't very disturbing. Overall, it is a medium product that comes at a very good price, but there are other budget models available from other producers that offer more for the same amount of money.