Pioneer Kuro PDP-5010FD plasma television

Pioneer have launched a new series of plasma televisions on the market, hoping to win the appreciation of home users, critics and also boost the sales the company has on this segment of home entertainment.

The PDP-5010FD is a HDTV 1080p plasma television that has an immense diagonal of 50'' and also comes with its own detachable speakers and a stand. Pioneer has used Japanese components on an assembly line from the United States, resulting in a qualitative product that has no flaws regarding the exterior aspect and construction. Moving on to the picture, this is definitely one of the best plasma televisions available on the market, if not the best. It is almost unbelievable how it can show pictures of amazing clarity and quality. On top of this, the produced contrast is superb with a black that looks like black and can satisfy any person that enjoys watching movies in his own living room with all the lights out. When it comes to colors, it is without doubt the best product money can buy at the moment, presenting vivid colors that enjoy the eye. Connectivity is excellent along with the qualitative sound system. However, we could find an imperfection. The cooling system comes without a fan, which would normally mean less noise, but the PDP-5010FD presents a little noise that can sometimes disturb and annoy you while watching your favorite movie.