The domain of home theater entertainment is a much-disputed one, featuring a fierce battle between the main manufacturers of equipment. There is an immense amount of money to be earned, being a market that is continuously expanding and generating more and more profit.

It is a domain generally dominated by the traditional manufacturers, like Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba etc., which have been producing electronic equipment for decades. Their immense profits allow a bigger investment in developing new technologies and implementing them in to mainstream products in order to make them better and also cheaper. The main manufacturers are present in every section of the market, starting with low end products and finishing with top of the line high end equipment. It is a known fact that in the electronic industry, the greatest part of the revenue comes from low end and regular products that come at a reasonable price and sell in the biggest numbers. The situation changes when it comes to expensive products that are capable of exceptional performances. Despite the fact that the traditional manufacturers offer products in this sector, they are outperformed by smaller manufacturers that specialize in producing only a piece of equipment, making it with care and technically superior, but usually at a bigger price.

Manufacturers battle in order to obtain greater profits and this can only be obtained by satisfying the customer, offering him better solutions at good prices.