Plasma televisions

Since CRT screens have almost disappeared from what the producers are currently offering, the war between them and flat screen televisions transformed in to a fierce battle between LCD (liquid crystal display) screens and plasma screens. In the following lines, we are going to talk about plasma televisions and what they are offering to the regular user.

Plasma televisions are built using a matrix of gas plasma cells passed by different voltages in order to create the picture you see. The technology is not quite modern compared to LCD screens, but it has the advantage of being created especially for large television displays and not for small computer screens like the LCD. Plasma screens offer the viewer an excellent picture quality and do not have any problem related to the response time that is very small. On top of this, they are capable of showing a much deeper black than the screens using other technologies, a thing that is very useful for the ones that watch movies in their living rooms without additional light. Plasma televisions have the advantage of offering a very good contrast, vivid colors and also excellent viewing angles for a flat screen television. However, producers have not solved a problem yet, despite constantly improving it. It is the so called "screen burn in" meaning that if a still image is shown for a long period, a sign will permanently remain on the screen. This is not very pleasant, but it is expected that this flaw will be solved with the release of a new generation of plasma screens.

A lot of persons that are passionate of home cinema equipment say that plasma televisions are ideal choices for a person that wants to see movies in his living room on a large diagonal screen, so it is up to you if you will choose one or something else.